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Top 10 Bittorent Sites

Top 10 Bittorent Sites: "Top 10 Bittorent Sites"

� Top 10 Bittorent Sites

Top 10 Bittorent Sites: "Top 10 Bittorent Sites"

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They are getting rare...but here are the top 10

» Top 10 Bittorent Sites

A big huge list of Bittorent sites

A list of bittorent sites that I use. Hope you guys like it.

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One more day, you picaroons!

Well, we're one day away from the official release of Picaresque. This is the day that I regret having downloaded the record when it was leaked in January. Oh well.

I spent this weekend watching and rewatching the Decemberists first video for Sixteen Military Wives. I must say, I was a little worried before watching it because they are a band with very evocative lyrical content. Which means when I listen to the songs I already see very distinct images in my head. It's like when a book you love is made into a movie and the characters don't look quite the same. And the set just doesn't seem right. And the feelings you get from looking at the screen are so much more muted than when you were reading the words and your neurons were all firing in their attempt to create a world in your head. Well, that's what happens to me at any rate.

Anyhoo, I was very happy with the product. It's a really funny video and totally fits into what the Decemeberists are all about. It's funny, it's zany, and (most importantly) it's smart and satirical. Well, it's a little heavy handed but the execution is near perfect. It was also fun to pick out all the usual suspects that orbit the Decemberists' universe making cameos (ie Death Cab for Cutie members!). I'll put up the full credits in a few days once you've all had the chance to guess.

So get a bittorent client and download the video!

Second on our penultimate Picaresque Week entry's agenda is this site by a rabid fan. Check out the Decemberists' Landmarks section to see pictures of random places that have been mentioned in their songs. I personally like this one:

And finally, to whet your appetite even more read this article from The Stranger which gives a great account of the Decemberists' history and the new album.

Tomorrow: My review of Picaresque!

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Top 10 Bittorent Sites

» Top 10 Bittorent Sites

Top 10 Bittorent Sites

» Top 10 Bittorent Sites: "Here are 10 of the best bittorrent sites I have found over the past few weeks."

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Top 10 Bittorent Sites

Top 10 Bittorent Sites

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(95) Top 10 Bittorent Sites

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